Welcome to my happy cattery.

Maine Coons of Orchid Garden


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 Please meet our gorgeous Maine Coon cats of Orchid Garden. These majestic beautiful creatures have come from very highly rated breeders.

We have always been a family of animal lovers, but we have a special fondness for cats, especially Maine Coons! These big, loving, great tempered cats stole our hearts, and now we have to share the love that these wonderful creatures bring into our everyday life.

We live in a busy suburban part of London, and I feel the world could be a little more green, so I also spend my time tending to my Orchids. I have a large collection of Orchids which make my house into a true Orchid Garden. These flowers bring a dash of colour into our London cattery. 

Our cats are very lively, and energetic yet affectionate and social. Each of them has a unique personality. They are very friendly and relaxed and we truly love them. We have created for them a great, safe living environment. They are spoiled and pampered and are a part of our family.

Our cats are socialised early through playing with our very energetic young daughter, and by lots of love and attention from my husband and I. We groom our cats ourselves so they have no fear of the grooming brush!

If you have space in your homes and hearts for a Maine Coon, please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a visit. You can send us a message on our Contact page, or by our Facebook group.

Our Maine Coons are fed with grain-free cat food and raw meat.

Our Maine Coons are regularly vaccinated and wormed, tested for FIV, FeLV, and are HCM negative.

The Maine Coon cattery of Orchids Garden is located in London, with very easy access by car or public transport.

The Maine Coons of Orchid Garden cattery is FiFe and Tica registered.


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